Monday, July 07, 2008

~ Busy Youth Day ~

Busy busy day!! Just went back to work after my 1 week training and a pile of work and complains are awaiting me... On top of that, my colleague did not feel well and had to be on medical leave.. that leaves me more work.

Tried my best to clear the forms, cases and looked through some issues.. The contractors kept looking for me today and IM me one after another.. There's just not enough time! Although it was a pity, I was right not to take leave today.

Hubby took Denver, Jasper and Royston to the movies in the morning and Denver loved the show. He said it was very funny and had a lot of popcorn. :p I'm glad that he stayed through and behaved himself.. we can consider taking him for other movies next time.

Received an sms 3 hours ago that my colleague needs to be medical leave tomorrow as well...she doesn't seem to sound good... while I hope she feels better soon, this also means I got more work to clear! @@ Power up my laptop and got back to work again after the kids have fallen asleep to clear my unfinished tasks during the day... I managed to complete some andam getting tired.. Yawnz... Anyway, while I was clearing up my old emails, I found this photo taken 3 years back at the old office. Denver was 2 years old and he looked so cute and innocent then... hehehe

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