Wednesday, July 09, 2008

~ Girl Girl talk!! ~

Finally.. after months of worrying... Gladys finally called "Daddy" and "Mummy" at 22 months.. It is a very long wait..and I even ponder if she has speech problems. Actually, Gladys started addressinig us last friday.. "softly". After practicing for a couple days, she can say it better, clearer and louder now. Not only that, she also started calling "gor gor", "Ma", "Gong"... plus other words as well.. like "up", "down", "拿" and trying to count... "two", "twee"..

That is indeed a big relief for me.. during her last review at the Polyclinic, Gladys did not 'pass' the question on calling Daddy and Mummy.. she was scheduled to go for another review end of July if she still doesn't call us. I suppose now I can skip that huh..

Went to Compass point for a walk after dinner.. bought stickers for Denver and also a counting bead set for the kids. We had "Muah Chee" and drank 菊花茶 and packet 4 Chicken Pies from Polo cake shop.. that will be my breakfast tomorrow. :)

One thing to comment is Denver has been behaving himself.. I just had my night meeting a couple of hours ago.. and he did not pester me like the past. He even asked how was my work today... and sayang me. *Happy*

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