Friday, July 11, 2008

~ Random Thoughts ~

I went to the clinic earlier this morning... and enjoyed the cool breeze on my way home... Apart from seeing people rushing to work and parents taking their kids to school, there is also another group of students who are taking their own sweet time chit chatting by Mcdonalds, aunties and uncles buying newspaper and breakfast or just sitting down enjoying their toast and coffee. I wonder how will I spend my life (if I'm still on this world) 20/25 years down the road... working? looking after grandchildren? lonely? sick? hmmmm...

Took some pictures of the open field opposite my flat. A great location for flying kite and holding major events like countdown parties. That's the place where they had fireworks during CNY. I wonder if there will be any celebrations/fireworks for National Day this year. That also reminds me that I bought a kite 2 years back and till now, I never bring Denver down to fly kite... Ha!

Today is another busy day... I did not have much time for lunch either.. was really relief when it's time to stop work and rest...TGIF!

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