Friday, September 12, 2008

~ Andrea's Wedding ~

10.9.08 - Andrea's Big Day! Finally, our pretty girl is getting married.. Always looked forward to attend her wedding..not only because a lot of our Merck's staff and ex-staff is attending, but also because she is a very close friend.. good pal and wonderful colleague. I was really privileged to witness her Solemnization ceremony.. She looked so Gorgeous!!

I'm so touched to see the couple exchanging the vows, rings and of course not forgetting the sweet kiss! It's always so heart warming to see people getting married... I kinda forgotten how I felt when I got married years back.. :p

I got to meet up a lot of old colleagues (Maggie, Janet, Catherine, Hanchai etc).. very happy. Think I was hyper High too.. especially happy to see Jasmine! She has grown up and look so pretty! So Chio now.. :p very glad to see that she has settle down and got a loving boyfriend.

Other Colleagues at the wedding...

Anyway.. there are just too many photos to upload!! We have so many colleagues (5.6 tables) and it's really like a mini D&D for the old ISAP...

Wishing Andrea and hubby loving forever and a very blissful marriage.. 早生贵子.百年好合.白头偕老.

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