Sunday, September 14, 2008

~ Lantern Festival 08 ~

I spent my day with a mixture of all kinds of emotions... (happy, sad, anger and more....).. really wonder how I manage to adjust it all at a time in a single day..

There is a Fun Fair event at Denver's school hosted by Nativity church. Denver was excited and has been waiting for this a couple of weeks ago.. We have already bought a $20 worth of coupons for him to play.

Well.. I thought he will be eager to tell me which games to start... but end up he kept quiet and shake his head whenever I ask him.... "You want to play this? How about this one.. very simple and easy.. or this???" He seems to be scared and stress... I wonder why... It really took him awhile before he started to warm up.. (although still a bit stiff)..

He finally got interested when he saw one of the stalls selling fighting fish (with the box and a packet of fish food) costing $5. We try to discourage him from getting one because it's really takes a lot of effort and care to keep a pet. However, he was persistent and Hubby says just let him learn from this experience and if it dies.. Denver will understand better..

Denver wanted to name the fish Ben (because his favourite cartoon now is Ben 10).. but we thought it's better to call it Benny to differentiate between the two.. After much persuasion, Denver finally agreed and said that the fish's full name will be Benny while it's short name is Ben.. Derrrr... :S Can see that he is eager to feed his fish...but we tell him not to overfed him.. :) Overall, I guess he enjoyed the funfair and he got a couple of goodies back home.

Headed to my mum's place for lunch and was sad to see father's left face was swollen.. and his mouth is slightly 'croaked'... I hope it's not a sign of stroke.. We had to persuade him to see a doctor when he insist that it was due to the tooth... His preferred clinic is only opened at 2pm.. had to get my brother to help take him there later... hope all is fine..sighz....

I was tired and sleepy on our way home.. Gladys and I had an afternoon nap.. But I woke up in shock because Gladys broke my new specs! I was so angry that I beat and scolded her.. She cried very badly and vomitted... I felt guilty awhile later (cos she was still young).. not that I'm not angry.. just kinda gotten over it and accepted that things happened.. I went to hug her with some lectures telling her not to play with specs again... and of course made her say Sorry so that she know it's a wrong thing that was done.

Hubby had a wedding dinner to attend tonight and I'm left home alone with the kids... Had Pizzas for dinner and soon it started raining... Initially, I planned to take them to Rivervale Plaza for a walk.. but the rain has changed my plans... I waited for quite awhile, but sky continue to look dark and I wasn't confident to venture out too far with the unknown condition of the weather.

Didn't want the kids to stay home on Mid-autumn festival.. so I took them to Chong Yi temple to see if there are any activites there. There were already a crowd downstairs... with free traditional lanterns to take and free food (beehoon, curry veg, chicken wings, mooncakes etc).. There was also a stage where kids get to play games and win prizes.. Of course, not forgetting the Lion and Dragon dance.. Gladys was kinda frightened by the loud noise and the dance troops and want me to carry her. Later, we joined the troops and a group of people, carrying our lanterns and walked round the Rivervale crescent... It was a pretty sight.. the lights from the lanterns.. be it traditional or the battery operated types... You see family walking with their children and slowly taking the walk..

I had quite a hard time though... Gladys had to be carried all the way and she refuses to walk with her lantern.. At least, I think Denver enjoyed it... and he didn't complain abit that he's tired.. I wanted to complete the whole walk.. but finally gave up and decided to take a turn out and headed towards Rivervale Mall... My arms and back was aching quite badly and needed to rest.. (have been carrying a near 13kg girl for almost half hour or more).....

I finally put Gladys down in the baby chair at MacDonalds... bought a Happy Meal and got to rest and enjoy the aircon for awhile. Phew.... After a short break, we headed back home... stopped by the temple again to pray and now there was another performance. We didn't stay to finish the show though as Denver wanted to go home..

While passing by the playground, Denver saw many children playing with the candles, lanterns and the sparkle sticks.. he wanted to play too and a kind couple gave him a stick.

Well, I hope they enjoyed this lantern festival... although without Daddy around.. hope it wasn't too bad huh. :p When I was a child, I didn't really had any memorable moments on how I spent the festival.. My mum was rather strict with us and she was always very busy and tired with work... apart from having new lanterns.. I didn't really get to go down or play with the candles etc... Probably that's why I didn't want Denver & Gladys to miss all the joy that I never had/remembered before..

I was really tired by now... whole body aching.. to reward myself.. I had some snowskin chocolate liquour mooncakes from Tong Luk.. hehhee.. Hubby actually bought them a couple of days ago.. I only get to eat them today after praying..

There are 4 flavours and it's not too bad... just that some of the liquour flavoured chocolate within is urmmm too bitter and strong which I dislike.

Oh.. not to forget.. Happy Wedding Anniversary (lunar) to me and Hubby! Hope he's enjoying at the wedding dinner..

Another weekend has past.. gosh.. I'm really tired out and not looking forward to working. Am I getting lazy already? sighz...

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