Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~ Sian.... ~

Woke up to a very restless morning.. whole bodyaching and a bad headache... So I went to see doctor and got a MC for today.. The medicine really makes me drowsy and if it's not because of the metrics report that I need to run and submit after noon, I would have slept through the day....

Just moments ago, I logon to do a bit of work after Gladys slept... and Denver was so sweet to actually draw me a lot of hearts on a piece of paper... really melt my heart.. :)

Sighz.. I will be caught in a lot of meetings tomorrow.. and teleconference for the next consequtive 2 nights ending at least till midnight. No time for the kids again.. :( Hope my body can take it too... sighz.. so sleepy now.. drowsy again... bedtime....

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