Friday, September 19, 2008

~ Birthday Present ~

Next Thursday is Gladys' 2nd Birthday... For the past few weeks, we have been searching for a nice present for her but with no luck.. By right it should be easy to buy a present for a girl since there are so many pretty and cute things out there.. Took her to a couple of shopping malls and ironically, we couldn't find the 'perfect' one for our little girl...

She has a couple of new dresses and clothes and so I don't find it meaningful to get her clothings.. Probably because she has been growing and mixing around with mostly boys at home, hence she plays balls, cars, blocks and running around barefooted like a boy instead of playing with dolls or girl's stuff.. That makes our gift hunting more difficult... wanted to get her a doll initially.. but she doesn't seems to be keen and some dolls look scary. She likes puzzles.. but always destroys them..

It seems to be much easier to buy a present for Denver.. Daddy bought him many toys (big/small) since young and somehow I felt guilty that Gladys did not enjoy the equivalent benefit that her brother has.

Popped by CompassPoint yesterday and there was a toy sale by Kiddy Palace at the basement level... I happen to see they are selling cute battery operated little toy cats, dogs and rabbits.. Gladys always love cats because she often follows her grandfather downstairs to feed the stray cats/kittens with food.. This would be a nice present for her. :)

However, she picked a little toy puppy instead.. and so we bought it home.. hubby helps to put in new batteries and the weird thing is that the puppy can only move backwards instead of forward.. -__-! In addition, the switch is kinda loose and it keeps on barking even though I have it switch off.. urgghhhh. Well....Gladys like the puppy though and insist on hugging it to sleep..

We took the toy puppy back to change a couple of hours ago today... the sales assistance was very helpful and said the puppy is designed to move backwards... hmmm (weird)... it should at least move forward first then move backwards. Anyway, we changed the puppy to a kitten instead (destined :p).. Gladys agreed and we tested and brought it back home again. :p

Actually, the kitten is quite cute.. :p it gives soft meows, moves a few steps forward before stepping backwards and wag it's tail. Gladys love it and took both the kitten and her home back to the bedroom to sleep.. :D She played with it for quite awhile.. moving it back and forth.. putting it in and out of the box.. and hugging it to bed.. Really took me quite some time before she finally sleeps...

I was glad that she likes her new toy even though it's not really expensive (around $14)... Will get her a nice cake and take photos with her on her Birthday!

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