Monday, October 13, 2008

~ Disappointed ~

Denver made me so disappointed and mad today. He has not been doing his homework lately.. Hubby and I already warned him last friday when he did not do any of his work. Still can come and tell me "Mummy, I didn't do my homework" when he saw me... I asked him "Why?".. he didn't reply me.

Over the weekends, we told him to be good and finish his homework. I even reminded him this morning before leaving for work and he did it again! He did not listen to Ah Gong, Ah Ma.. played with his Yu-Gi-Oh cards, watched TV and did not complete his homework when I am home from work.

Hubby caned him on his hands 4 times.. but he doesn't seem to learn his lesson and started laughing again.. didn't show signs of repent at all. So, I made him stand along the corridor in the house for an hour with no TV programs, no games, no toys and no stories. He started standing from 7pm... after 15 mins, I can see that he is starting to get tired.. then he said "Mummy, I want to 大便." So he went to the toilet and stayed in there for quite a while.. Frankly, he is just using that as an excuse...anyway, I gave him his toilet break and he continues to stand for another 45mins before heading to bed and sleep..

I asked Denver if its worth being punished for skipping his homework which he just need to spend 20-30 mins doing. Because of that, he cried, got caned, not allowed to play, stand for 1 hour and made everyone unhappy. Sighz.. I doubt he understood... I'm not at all confident that he learnt his lesson.. Tried soft and hard methods and it doesn't seems to work.. what can I do with him????

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