Sunday, October 12, 2008

~ Bubbles Bubbles!! ~

Brother bought a nice bubble gun and the kids get to play Bubbles outside the corridor at my mum's place! Needless to say Denver and Gladys are very excited and can't wait to get their hands on the bubble gun. :)

Apart from watching them playing happily, I am also enjoying the nice view from the top. Suddenly miss the good old times and days...

Sad to say, I don't remember spending much of my childhood outdoors when I was Denver's age... most of the time I was 'confined' at home... The most vivid memory was I could not follow my brothers downstair to play when we were still staying at a 1-room flat in Whampoa. I was so sad... couldn't understand and kept asking my mum.. Why??

Even when we moved to the place where mum is staying now, I don't get to go downstairs often or play at the playground.. so I will always watch by the window seeing what are the other kids are doing downstairs.. like carrying lanterns during mid-autumn festival... playing with candles... making sandcastles with their small buckets... and many more.

Still, even if I don't get to go out, my childhood was still very happy and memorable... why? because it was filled with great time spending with my 2 lovable brothers.. like the argument I have with them while playing the boardgames, role play and pretending with the figurines, watching our favourite cartoons, playing the sega games and then upgraded to computer games.. there were so many sleepless nights that time...

I really missed those times... Now that we have grown up, each of us have our own family life. Eldest brother is going to have a baby next year and 2nd brother is also settling down and moving to a new place soon.. I'm sure we will all be busy but I do hope that we will still get together and meetup.

I wonder how Denver and Gladys will remember their childhood.. I surely hope it will be something that they treasure forever... to stay bonded and look out for each other as they grow...

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