Friday, October 10, 2008

~ Night out with the kids ~

Hubby got a job yesterday evening at Tuas. Hence, I decided to take the kids to the Library @ Compass Point. (Denver has been 'complaining' he has not been there for some time.) Anyway, while hubby is on his way there, I am on my way back home.. Wanted to go home, put my laptop and change to some casual clothings but was 'welcome' by dark clouds and heavy rain. :( I was stranded at the LRT station.. I have 2 options.. 1) Go to my inlaw's place with heavy bag and stinky clothes or 2) Take a risk and go home.

Anyway, I took the train back and thank goodness.. it wasn't raining at my area.. :D at least not yet.. :p I quickly walk back home, changed my clothes, pack the stuff and headed straight to my inlaws. Had my dinner, got them ready and off we go!

Denver and Gladys always get very excited when they are taking the LRT.. :) Our first stop - Library.. and this is were they got 'crazy'!! Gladys is practically running all about.. grabbing the books from the shelves.. bringing it to the table.. flipping (lucky not tearing).. Denver was also busy walking around, looking at books.. It took me a hard time before I finally pick 4 books for Denver. Phew....

There is a food fair at Level 1 of the shopping mall. We took the lift down and was greeted by a Magician in costume.. He was so tall and funny looking.. The moment Gladys saw him.. she got such a shock that she quickly demand that I carry her.. Gladys was really scared and dare not look at him. Denver used to be like her when he was young.. very afraid of them.. Now that he has grown up, he understood things better and is much braver.

The magician show Denver a small trick... He took out 2 red balls from his pocket and put one of the balls in Denver's hand...with a magic touch, when Denver open his hand, he now has 2 balls. :) Denver was really amazed.. hahaha.. Gladys by now has warm up abit.. but still feeling scared and refused to come down.

We continue to look around the food fair and I bought some snacks for the kids.. Bought a bottled drink from 7-11 and by now, Denver complains again that he is tired and need to sit.. So I took them to Mcdonalds and had a Happy Meal together. By now, Hubby has finished his work and had dinner.. but he will need some time to travel down to pick us.. so I took them to Metro to see toys..

By the time I got home.. I was sooooo tired.. suddenly felt that my whole body is aching.. and the next moment, I am already fast asleep.. zzzzzzzz

Denver disappointed me today when he did not do his homework and did not listen to my inlaws. To think that I even took him out yesterday! Hubby and I was very angry with him.. and scolded him.. He cried.. but I wonder when he will learn to be more discipline and responsible.. Sighz...

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