Saturday, October 04, 2008

~ Farewell ~

Jason, another colleague & good friend has left the company yesterday.. His 1 year contract has ended and found a better job offer. We are very happy and glad that he is able to embark on a more stable career ahead. Jason is a really nice chap.. 好好先生., always smilely, soft spoken and helpful. Hence, a group of colleagues orgranised a farewell dinner with him yesterday at Dian Xiao Er - Vivocity.

I managed to find some time and join in the dinner. Arrived Vivocity an hour early and got to do some window shopping. The other colleagues got delayed due to a traffic jam... and hence dinner started late. Still the food came in fast... I guess all of us were really hungry by now and the food was gone in awhile. :) We chatted through and really had fun.. I had to leave early to take the kids home.. as hubby is waiting with them @ CompassPoint. Ran all the way back as I was running late... still I was happy to see them. Phew... another week has past.. Next week, the big boss is coming.. hope everything will go smoothly.

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