Monday, October 20, 2008

~ Funeral ~

All I can say is... it has been a very difficult weekend...

Hubby was awaken by a phone call on an early Saturday morning.. he rushed out of the house shortly. I knew then it was no good news. True enough, I received bad news that my fil's 2nd brother has passed away.

For the next 3 days, the whole family were busy with the wake and funeral proceedings. Hubby was really busy and tired running between work and family matters. I stayed home in the day looking after the kids and take them to the wake in the evening and staying through the night.

On the first night, we sitted around and helped to fold the incense papers. The atmosphere was weird when mil saw her youngest son and his family. Anyway... it was a long day and Sunday was extremely tiring as well.

Hubby left early in the morning and slept very little the night before. I looked after the children, and bought them out to Rivervale Mall for lunch @ McDonalds. It was a hot afternoon.. I even thought of giving up the idea and just order food in.. but didn't want to keep the kids at home all day long.. Got Denver a Happy meal toy and I tried the new Wasabi fish fillet burger.. Not so bad. Luckily it was rather cooling on our way back home and we all had a short nap..

Waking up to a very rainy afternoon and I rush to get ready and prepared to go to the wake. On the 2nd night, we were involved with the rituals.. Wearing a white top, a pair of black pants and moving around the void deck with a pair of white socks, we prayed, kneel and listen to the prayers. Fil cried a couple of times.. especially so during the proceedings to send our uncle over the bridge.. It was really sad...

After supper and finishing all the prayers for that night, hubby send us back and we reached home around 11pm. Both the kids are still awake! I quickly settle them down to bed and waited for the clothings to be washed so that I can hang them up to dry.. Hubby on the other hand went out again to the wake area. I think it was almost 1am when I finally fall asleep....

I took an emergency leave off today.. as it's the day to 出宾. We woke up at 5 plus.. got ready and went out around 620am. Had a couple of morning prayers and a light breakfast before sending our uncle off..

We headed to Mandai Crematorium where the body is sent to be cremented. Younger Bil help to send the kids and me back home while the rest waited to collect the ashes and a slot later in the afternoon.

Luckily the kids are able to bath and eat on their own.. I only need to pay more attention with Gladys.. Make sure the older kids do their homework while I put Gladys to nap and rest for awhile...

Everyone were so tired when they got back home around 2 plus... hubby was extremely tired too. He managed to catch a little nap till evening..

Tomorrow is the last day for PSLE marking.. so Brother will be returning to mum's place after tonight... we went to visit his new house at Potong Pasir which is still undergoing renovation. A pretty big place and I'm sure it will be very cosy once all the work completes. Can't wait to go visit. :D

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