Friday, October 24, 2008

~ High Fever ~

It's been awhile since Gladys last had a fever.. Unfortunately, she caught one yesterday night after we returned from Compass Point. We went there to shop for birthday presents for Karena (Florence's baby girl) and Kaiser who are celebrating their First year birthday coincidentally next Saturday..

Gladys don't feel well after returning home and starts to have a fever. I don't know if it's the after effects of the funeral, or if she had too many chips as my mil has adviced, or she had contracted the virus at the shopping... in anycase, she looks really sick and tired.. I didn't have any good night rest and fell asleep while sponging her.

Today is 2nd uncle's 头七。Fil and Bil had to go pray in the morning. I went over to help look after Gladys since only Mil is at home. Gladys still had a mild fever when I left... She looks very tired and always cling on to me.. I went back home after Fil return and when Gladys is napping..
Just awhile ago when Hubby and I return to have our dinner, Gladys' temperature shoot up to 40.2 degrees!! Gosh!! She never had such a high fever before.. only occasionally hitting near 39 degrees.

We quickly took her to a nearby clinic since the usual one that we used to go is closed on Friday evenings. We were no. 2 in queue and luckily the doctor came in shortly. A nice uncle who is also having a high fever himself actually gave us the priviledge to see the doctor first! Such a kind act!

Doctor prescribed Brufen, antibiotics and a coughing mixture to Gladys... while waiting for the medicine, Gladys vomitted..... making a mess to our clothes, the floor and chair in the clinic. Luckily, the clinic assistant is very kind and helpful. She quickly gave us a white cloth to clean ourselves and didn't show any signs of displease.
While driving back home through the carpark, Gladys vomitted again.. :( I had to alight first and quickly took her back home to cleanup. After feeding the medicine and sponging her, her fever finally subsided.. Even still, she clings on to me tightly like a koala bear and looks extremely tired.

Gladys is finally sound asleep now.. I hope she feels better tomorrow.. Get Well soon!

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