Saturday, October 25, 2008

~ Bad Weekend ~

As if last weekend wasn't bad enough... this week was even worse!

I was so looking forward to a nice long weekend due to the Deepavali holiday on Monday.. thought can bring the kids out .. or have a good rest... Unfortunately, Gladys is still down with a fluctuating fever.. to make matters worse, she is now having rashes over her hands, foot, body.... :(

It may be due to the medicine that she is developing an allergy.. or it could be due to HFMD. We took her to see the family doctor this morning. However, he wasn't able to diagnose and confirm if it's HFMD. I just hope it was an allergy develop by the infection as the doctor has suspected.. Gladys' anti-biotics and coughing medicine was changed to the ones she normally took and we need to watch out if she develops a high fever (40 degrees) again. If so, we have to bring her to KK Hospital for blood test. :(

Later in the morning, hubby took Denver for his swimming lesson.. Gladys was very cranky and she clings on to me every minute.. I had to carry her everywhere and she keeps crying.. She couldn't eat and refuse to take her medicine. A couple of times she vomitted clear liquid and I was so busy cleaning up the mess.. she refuse to sleep and couldn't poo...

Finally waited till hubby got back home and managed to feed her medicine... sighz.. I hoax her to nap with Denver.. and I was so tired myself till I fall asleep too... woke up at 4 plus and Gladys was cranky again... I have to hoax her to eat porridge, bath and we went out to have dinner with my in laws and bil's family to celebrate my mil's birthday at a resturant in Defu Lane.

May not sound like a good idea to bring her out since her fever went up again.. 37.8 degrees... anyway, we went ahead.. and luckily her fever subsided again.. After dinner, we went back to bil's house where my mil help Gladys to poo out by putting Johnson Johnson shower in her buttocks to act as a lubricant so that it's not so painful for her.. It did work and Gladys manage to poo a lot out..

We went back home and we were worried as Gladys keep complaining her mouth is in pain.. she refuse to open her mouth and drink her milk very slowly.. I'm so worried that it's HFMD.. :( I hope it's only normal ucler that she is having due to the too much chips that she had the other day... sighz.... I can only wait till tomorrow morning to bring her to the family doctor to check and confirm again.. now all I can do is to carry her... I am very very tired...arms almost no strength already.. and she don't want hubby to carry.. Denver is being neglected as well... oh gosh.. I just don't have spare time and energy for both now.. Heeeelpppp.. :(

Please get well soon girl..and no HFMD Pleeassse.

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