Sunday, October 26, 2008

~ HFMD ~

Ok. Face the facts.. Gladys confirmed to have contracted HFMD. As to how she got it since she is not in school or childcare?? Frankly I don't know...

She was still having a mild fever in the morning.. 37.5.. Her mouth uclers increased and the blisters on her hands and foot became more prominent. We separated Denver from Gladys immediately and took him to my bil's place. In the meantime, we took Gladys again to the clinic and this time, the doctor confirmed it's HFMD. He warned us to monitor Gladys' temperature and if high fever persist, or if there are abnormal signs like fits, dehydration, not active or increase in rashes, we should send her to the hospital immediately.

Just as we were trying to manage Gladys back home, mil called to inform us that Denver is having a high fever... Hubby quickly rush back to take Denver see the family doctor again. As there were no blisters developed, it's hard to diagnose if it's HFMD. Usually, we will only know 2-3 days later... in the mean time, we can only monitor.. Denver was taken back home to my bil's place to rest... however, he call us to take him back home in the evening.. I'm sure he misses us (especially since he is ill) and doesn't want to be left alone.

Hubby and I were also worried that if Denver got HFMD, it will affect the other kids he took him back and we separated Denver and Gladys in two different rooms. Trying to avoid their contacts to the minimum..

Denver was really weak when he got home. He looked so drowsy and was not the active and talkative boy that he used to be.. Hubby said he vomitted earlier and his body was really hot. We feed him medicine and took turns to sponged him.

I was glad that Brother and HJ came to visit the kids and help me babysit. He bought a couple of toys and Gladys was really happy and occupied.. I managed to settle, clean up some of the stuff and rest awhile. It's hard to do any work with Gladys always looking for me... and now with Denver falling sick... it's even worse. Sighz..

Hubby going to look after Denver while I take care of Gladys...The next few days are going to be challenging... I hope I stay healthy too so that I can take care of them.

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