Tuesday, November 04, 2008

~ Worn out ~

It has been a terrible month of October and the series of events nearly worn me out...

First it was the funeral... followed by HFMD... then now into the isolation, recovering period.

After Gladys confirmed contracted the virus, Denver falls into the queue as the next victim with a high fever, sorethroat and blisters appearing on the 3rd day. He was confirmed by the doctor last Tuesday. Having 2 children down with HFMD is already bad enough... Sad to say, I also became a victim when I too started to have high fever.. My whole body was aching badly and I was feeling so weak.. Still, I have two sick children to care for.. Hubby tried to help too.... but I can see he is also very tired as well..

Uclers starts to appear on last Thursday and the sorethroat continues to be terrible. I was confirmed to contract HFMD and luckily the virus didn't seems to affect me much.. except for the terrible fever, sorethroat and bodyache which I had initially... The worst time we had last week was finally over... Denver and Gladys starts to recover from Saturday onwards.... For many many nights, Hubby and I did not have a good night sleep/rest either because we are busy sponging the kids when they had high fever, or because Denver keeps waking up and cry in the middle of the night complaining about his throat pain.

A couple of pointers to note when dealing with HFMD.

1. Use normal thermometer (instead of ear thermometer) to get a more accurate temperature as adviced by family doctor.

2. Drink lots of fluid.. hubby bought a lot of drinks.. and we always make sure the children drink water every now and then. (note: according to someone's advice, 100 plus helps to clear fever..so far it seems to work)

3. Poo daily.. Sometimes, the kids did not poo in a day.. according to my mil, this will build up the heat inside.. Not sure why, but Gladys refused to past motion during that period and eventually need my mil to help to make her poo.

4. Use watermelon frost to relief pain from sorethroat/ulcers. So far it did help to relief Denver a bit of pain.

5. Monitor any abnormalities, like dehydration, fits, continuous high fever, increase of rashes/blisters etc. and go to the hospital immediately if condition worsen.

6. Thinking of ways to keep the young kids entertained at home for 10 days! Toys, colouring, VCDs, Youtube, books, etc.... That's tough! Especially for Gladys who is really hard to please and manage.. Still, this is also the time that you really spent time with them.

Gladys finally went through her 10 days isolation period and went back to inlaws place today.. I started to work from home on Monday and Denver still got another 2 days before he can go back to school on Friday.

Just as I thought all has settled down, heard some news and there might be some unhappiness happening very soon... Sighz... It's going to be year end soon.. CNY is coming early next year too.. I just hope all things will turn out to be good.. when will the war ever end?

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