Wednesday, November 12, 2008

~ Lost..Found..Gone ~

A couple of sad and dramatic moments happened within the past few days...Well, we have been anticipating it... What has to come.. has to come... At least for now, temporary solution has been found and we gain some, we lose some.... Let's hope everyone's life will be happier and things will go on smoother.

To add on to my sadness, yesterday night Benny, (Denver's pet fish) died (11.11.08) .. Hubby was trying to change water for him and for the first time, it jumped out of hubby's hand... Benny was still okay when he was back to his container... However, later that night, while I was still in the midst of my teleconference.. I took a peek at Benny and found him lying dead... :(

I wonder if it's destined or if it is the sacrifice.. When we bought him back from the school's funfair, I never expected it to live past that month.. All along it has been hubby and sometimes me who has been feeding Benny.. Everyday, I will look at it for awhile to see how it has grow.. A couple of days back, I even wanted to take a photo and compare it when he has first brought home and after... However, too many stuff have happened that I never did it.. and now I never will. Now looking at the empty container, I still feel something missing.. That's why Hubby don't want to get any pets..

Denver don't seem to feel the lost at all.. When we told him his pet fish was dead this morning, he didn't show any sign of sadness.. I guess it's because he didn't show much love for Benny when it was alive.. and he wasn't the main caretaker too... I guess he is still not responsible enough to own a pet yet.

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