Thursday, November 13, 2008

~ Updates!! ~

Yeaks! Looking at my previous postings have been so sad and stressing.. not even a picture! Hopefully my future posts will be on much happier stuff.
Here's some to start.. :)

1. Denver got his K1 report book back and I'm quite satisfied with his performance in school.

2. Denver and Gladys recovered from HFMD.. although still down with slight cough, they are back to their bubbly self.. here's some photos taken a few days ago. :)

Gladys was watching TV when I was trying to take pictures for her.. as you can see.. her 'stone' non smilely look and refusing to look at the camera.

Hubby registered the Chicky club from KFC a few days back and the kids love the orange bag.. :) Gladys was carrying it around and the kids began to hold hands and pretend taking the school bus to school and coming back home after lessons.. hehehe.

Here's the 3 Muskerteers!!! All engrossed in watching the TV program... same same look.

3. Celebrated fil's birthday last Saturday at Hock Kee Seafood resturant (Ponggol Seventeenth Ave). The food was delicious.. I personally like the Chicken, You Tiao, Crab, Bun and Prawns.. yummy.. Later, we went to Tampines IKEA for a walk with a heavy stomach.

Planning to go to Expo tomorrow for the Asia Food Fair and Crocs sales..

There's also a couple of stuff I need to do soon.. and looking forward to. :)

1. Revamp and clean up the whole house.. That will take me days and nights!!

2. Go to Dental. (Haven't gone any yet for this year..) Thinking of bringing Denver along too so that I can utilize the $200 claim from company. :p

3. Plan where to go for the 1 week vacation in December.. It's either Malaysia or we are stuck in Singapore.

4. Visit Owen's new home for Christmas and attending his ROM!

Hopefully things will get better and we'll have a Happy holidays this year!

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