Friday, November 14, 2008

~ Asia Pacific Food Expo 2008 ~

This year alone, our family have went to a couple of food fair.... I guess it's because we love to eat.. :p Especially sampling the free food and drinks. If there are cheap and good stuff, we'll also buy too. The biggest win we got so far is a free bicycle when hubby bought some packets of drinks.

Today, we went to the "Asia Pacific Food Expo 08" held at the Singapore Expo. There's also a Crocs fair at Hall 4A.. We thought we could probably grab some sandals for the kids.... but Hubby and I were totally SHOCK seeing the crowd that is queueing up just to pay... I could not even find the ending line.. we have to went all the way to the back of the Hall before finally see it. There were already many counters opened.. but still the queue is soooooo LONG! Hubby says it could be minimum 200 or more queuing up for payment! Many bought a lot of shoes, clogs, sandals as though it's free.. I understand it's really cheap and great offer.. Imagine a pair of clogs that could be selling over $70 to $80 bucks is selling at $20 now.. No wonder so many are willing to spend an hour or more just to buy their purchases. We went in to take a peek and in less than 5 mins, we were out of the exhibition hall. There's simply no way we are going to queue for that.. we still need to go to our food fair. :p

Headed towards Hall 5 and was welcome by the smell of FOOD! As usual, there are crowds among the popular stalls and we have to squeeze our way through. All of us were busy sampling food and grabbing free drinks. Denver is now very good at doing that! He will approach the person to ask or just take. hehhehe.. We had satay, cheese hotdog, fishball, ice-cream, coco crunch, drinks etc. We also bought quite a fair bit of stuff back too!! like 2 boxes of Grass Jelly, 1 pack of 11 ice-creams, 4 dumplings, 4 cans of luncheon meat, 5 cans of Sardines, 4 Baos, 1 packet of bak kwa etc. Hubby also registered for Passion card and we spent about $100 odd in total within 1-2 hours. No need to worry about tomorrow's breakfast. hehehehe.. :p

There is another food fair - "The Food Safari" holding at Suntec tomorrow. Hubby is going to meet his colleagues there for gathering.. Since we are there, we might as well go for another round of sampling. No wonder I cannot slim down... hahahah

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