Sunday, November 16, 2008

~ Walk.. Carry.. Spend!! @ Expo ~

This weekend has been extremely tired!! We spend quite a bit in just 3 days...

After spending at the Asia food fair on Friday, we actually went back to the Crocs sale on Saturday because a friend from Malaysia came to visit and we took her there the experience the crazy sale...

There was already a looooong queue outside Hall 4 to near Hall 6 just to get into the exhibition hall. Hubby drop us off first while he go find a parking lot. I was taking 2 kids and the friend and I was wondering what to do.. Just then Hubby called and say he already sneak in and ask us to cut the queue too.. embrassing.. I tried but failed because I am too prominent with the 2 kids with me... so I waited outside for awhile and re-join the queue.

It was no where better inside... There are people everywhere and corner snatching for their ideal clogs, shoes, sandals... etc Hubby carried Gladys while I squeeze in and try snatch some for the kids.. I managed to get a pair for Denver.. but had no luck for Gladys.. It was so messy and I could not find the right size.. Hubby went to look for his pair of shoes while I browse around.. Seeing the queue for payment is getting worse, Hubby went to queue up too.. This time, I took my time and finally managed to find a red pair for Gladys.. Passed the shoes to Hubby and went out again in search for my own pair. Took awhile but finally found something for myself. Phew... it was considered cheap seeing that clogs/sandals is selling from $20-$25 bucks while hubby's shoes cost $40. Our friend also managed to buy a few it's a fruitful trip.

Next, we drove up to Suntec to join Hubby's colleague for lunch at Sizzler.. We were so hungry... (after battling with the crowd and hubby queued for 45mins for payment) and really ate a lot.. hahaha. Denver also enjoyed his food too.. he loves the fries and ice-cream.. :) Gladys was busy 'playing' with her food instead.

After lunch, we went straight to the "The Food Safari" at Suntec Convention Hall and then head to the "Bookfest". We bought a couple of books for Denver and Jasper and has been walking quite a lot! By the time we got home, it was already evening time... We were sooooooo tired! I can feel my whole body aching... and nothing beats a cooling bath and our comfortable bed to rest... What a day!

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