Sunday, January 18, 2009

~ Early Reunion Dinner~

Today we had our early Reunion Dinner at my mum's place as Brother Owen need to go back to Malaysia with his wife next week. I am extremely happy to see my favourite dish made by mum.. her special homemade "Wu Xiang".. It's my all time favourite since childhood! I can eat 2 bowls of rice with just Wu Xiang as the only dish.

Although I don't really fancy steamboat, the food was alright. :) The only dissapointment probably would be Mum and Dad didn't sit with us for dinner.. Mum actually said that they have already eaten... sighz.. It's already a very rare chance to have all of us sitting and eating together and we missed it... Maybe next time we should just take them out to eat instead.

Anyway, I always enjoy eating reunion dinner.. apart from the good food, it's also gathering together as a family. I still remember my childhood days where there will be chicken, wu xiang, fried prawns and I'll eat alot! After that, I'll stick to watching the CNY programs on TV.. and stay up till late in the night.. Ahh.. those are the good old days..

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