Wednesday, January 14, 2009

~ Catching Up ~

It has been a busy day at work today. I guess the long holiday season that just passed has made me lost my momentum. The long journey to work tires me down... I usually plan my spring cleaning that needs to be done every week and I will religiously follow my schedule to complete. This time round I didn't plan and I felt so tired and lazy. Yawnz.

CNY is around the corner and I still have a couple of stuff pending for me to do.. clean up the fan and windows, put up new curtains and bedsheets, buy and put up CNY deco, prepare red packets, scrub the floor and a final dustup of the whole house. Hmmm... seems like I have quite a fair bit of chores undone.. :( Will see if I can catch up in the next 2 weeks.

Work is also catching up a lot too. There are projects lined up, meetings and also daily cases to see and resolve. Got 2 meetings today and 2 tomorrow and I am so sleepy now.. will hit off to bed after my meeting ends at 1130pm tonight.

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