Sunday, January 11, 2009

~ Terrible Support Week ~

My 2nd time on Primary support and I was prepared to get calls as it was over the Christmas and New Year holidays. True enough, I had a terrible weekend. I received a call on Saturday before noon. Initially hubby wanted to go out for lunch ... but due to the emergency page, now I had to stay home.

It was an eRoom creation case... which is weird.. cos it should NOT be emergency.. @(#*$(*#.. anyway, I thought it was simple and I can complete it... Unfortunately, the password was somehow wrong...sighz. I end up seeking help from my team lead.. but he also did not have the correct password. -___- I am left with no choice but to call the command center to get the eRoom support group to assist with the creation case first.. and we'll settle the password issue on Monday... That took me 3 hours..

Hubby bought me lunch and I ate after settling the case... it was fine throughout the day but I got 2 pages in the middle of the night on Sunday.. my Blackberry started to ring again at around 1:50am... still feeling very sleepy.. but I pulled myself up and went to the living room to work so that I don't disturb hubby and the kids... the good thing is both pages are related to the same case... but the bad thing is the liasing and getting people to support took me hours... by the time the case is settled.. its already 5am.. I drag myself back to the room and sleeeep..

Still I woke up at 8am... there was an event at the hardcourt with free games, free food etc.. so I drag myself up again, brush my teeth and bring the kids down. There was already a lot of people downstairs.. Lucky fil gave us some tickets that he took from the temple yesterday.. so we used the tickets to get free food first.. there are kuehs, cakes, putu mayam, kueh lapis etc.. we grabbed a few each.. :)

Hubby went to queue and get some balloons for the kids, Denver had a green sword and Gladys a pink flower wristband.

The other game stall queue were too long.. so Denver and Gladys queue up for the jumping balloon instead. Each group is only allowed to play for 10 mins.. so we didn't wait for too long before it's their turn. :) Denver was busy running and jumping around in circles.. while Gladys stay on top jumping on the same spot. I guess that's safer for her too.. there are just too many kids around.

We can't stay for too long as Denver has to rush for his first Speech and Drama lesson today. So after the game, we took them home. After sending Denver to the lesson, Hubby put Gladys at my inlaws for the morning so that I can rest awhile at home after a looong tiring night. I tried to sleep but did not manage to rest well. Hubby bought me lunch after taking Denver back from class. Denver was happy and told me that it's not boring and how he enjoyed it... there are even 6 items that he needs to bring for his next lesson. :) Really glad that he loves it. Hubby hope that he will be able to express himself well and not have stage fright like him.

We took Gladys back after lunch and I finally managed to catch a quick nap with her.. but guess what? I was awaken at 5pm by the alerts again.. I was thinking.. "Not again!" Lucky, it was a false alarm.. those are the delayed alerts from last night. Phew!

I finally manage to survive through Sunday and Yeah!! I'm off duty till next month.. :)

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