Thursday, January 08, 2009

~ Paintworks ~

The paintwork finally started yesterday.. before that, I got a hard time deciding on the colours.. We get to choose 4 colours... and I was really not confident of which one to choose.. looking at the catalog really gives me a headache.. Afterall, it costs us 1.3k and we have to face it for the next 3-5 years at least.. so I really wasn't sure. After the professional advisor came to our place and had a quick look, we finally decide on the following..

1. Orchid White (Living Room)
2. Apple Green (Study Room)
3. Gusto (Children Room)
4. New Blue (Master Room)

Our house is really dark and hence not suitable for those darker colours... it'll only make our house look smaller... in addition, the advisor suggested we take Medifresh or Easy Wash as the paints will be more reflective than Odorless which is matt.

Actually I wanted purple for the Master bedroom.. thought it will be sweeter.. but blue seems to be a lucky colour for all of us.. so we decided to make it blue instead. Hope the final effects would not disappoint us.. Took some "Before" look.. so that I can do a comparison later.. didn't manage to take a photo of the Master bedroom because the kids are sleeping.


Living Room

Study Room

Children Room

The painters will take 2 days to finish the work.. Yesterday they managed to complete the 3 bedrooms and kitchen...but the house is in a TOTAL MESS! Dusty and Messy... we only clean up the master bedroom so that the kids can sleep.

They continue their work today.. finishing off the storeroom, living room and touching up on the toilets and minor areas. I stayed in my room working... didn't had a proper lunch and only munch on bread to fill my stomach. Finally its all done!... what left is CLEANING UP TIME! Never seen my house in such a Messy state...urggghhh..

Will post more photos of our newly painted house sometime later. :)

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