Wednesday, January 07, 2009

~ Treasure your love ones.. ~

I was kinda sad today... heard a lot of bad news since the start of late last year till now.... First it was the death of Kealvyns' mother... then it was Steven's bad fall at home where he has an fractured skull and blood cot in his brain... then this morning, we received another bad news that Soo Kiat's father has passed away. I was busy helping to collect the white gold from our colleagues as that's the only thing I can do since I cannot attend the wake. Sms Sookiat too to send him my regards.

Siewhuan, Pailin, Ian, David and I went to visit Steven at NUH during our lunch hours. We don't know what to get for him since he is a vegetarian and not sure if he is still on drip. So we bought some magazines instead..hoping that will cheer him up.... He seems fine and able to speak and recognise us.. but suffers some memory lost.. his right foot is also numb and unable to wriggle his toes.. Initially I thought he was fine... but when I got back to the office, another colleague heard from his wife that it's the critical period now because if the blood cot within his brain expand, he will need to go for surgery.. and hence doctor advise him not to READ or think too much as too much brain activity may cause the blood cot to expand! OMG! and we bought him magazines earlier! sighz..... We didn't know it was his birthday today either too.. should have bought him a cake instead and we can help to blow candles even though he may not be able to eat the cake.

It's been a tiring day.. just feel that life is really unpredictable... so we should treasure our life.. our love ones and everyone around us.

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