Saturday, January 03, 2009

~ Chinatown ~

Just came back from Chinatown.. It's the festive season again! Chinese New Year is less than a month away!! Today is the official lights up for Chinatown and so there are road closure, performances and firecrackers there. Fil, Mil, Sil, nephews and my family decided to travel down to Chinatown by MRT instead of driving.

When we reached around 6 plus, there were already a crowd.. some were watching the games, performances, while others were busy shopping and looking for chinese goodies.

We went into the streets alleys where there are a lot of stalls selling ranging from food, clothes, CNY deco, flowers etc.. We always have to squeeze through the crowd, making ourselves tired and sweaty. :p But that is what brings out the Chinese New Year mood.

We stopped by a stall selling magic ice-cream and bought some for the kids. Fil and mil also bought some boxes of CNY goodies back. I managed to buy a dress for Gladys at a store too. :)

We missed the firecrackers as we were 'stuck' in the crowd and busy 'window-shopping'. Only manage to hear the loud BOOM and see the smoke coming out from it.. There is also a moment of fireworks for about 3 seconds. hahaa..

We went ahead to OG to get more clothes for the kids. Sister-in-law bought some new pants for her sons and sponsor Denver and Gladys new shirt and pants too. :) Finally, we headed back home by MRT. Can't wait for CNY to come!! But got lotsa cleaning up to do first!

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