Sunday, March 15, 2009

~ Discharged ~

Dad finally got the green light to be discharged from the hospital last Friday! :) Yeah!! He is definitely Happy and I am Relief!! I was feeling really stress and tired lately.. My flu came on and off. I was feeling really cold a few nights ago and end up popping panadols and flu meds. Luckily I didn't fall too sick. I couldn't sleep well too.. my mind is always active thinking and worrying about stuff. Then I felt guilty about neglecting the kids, hubby and home... Hubby was also more tired than usual as he was helping me with my dad... I didn't have energy and time to keep the kids company and read them books.. I was also sooo tired that I didn't do the house chores for 2 weeks! Since Dad's admission to the hosptial, I have not been productive at work too. Will need to buck up especially since we heard about the big news where my company buys Scherling Plough. I wonder if my rice bowl will be broken..

As there are many things still not being sorted out, I took the afternoon off to pick Dad back to Owen's place from TTSH. Was feeling a bit frastrated earlier over some minor tiff... anyway, Hubby and I had lunch at Bendemeer market before reaching the hospital. I went to settle the billings, packed Dad's stuff, arranged an ambulance to send Dad to Owen's house, checked the meds and also look at the medical kits that he needs. The ambulance which was suppose to reach at 2pm was late by half an hour.. luckily they still came on time at 2.30pm and we can wave goodbye to the kind staff there.. They were so warm and Dad also happily waving back to them.

Hubby and I went to the Salavation army and manage to get a walking frame and pee pot and a cheaper rate. We headed back to Owen's place to help settle Dad down.. I can't help worrying but don't know whats the better option for now.. All I can do is try my best, do what I can and hope for the best for everyone.

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