Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~ Sick ~

Once again, I have succumb to the flu bug. Wasn't feeling too well on Sunday night already.. I couldn't sleep well the whole night and when I was in office on Monday, I felt my nose itchy and stuffy. My body also started to ache. :( Luckily Nicole was able to ferry me from office to Owen's house at Potong Pasir.

We were suppose to take Dad to the clinic to clean his wound.. It was challenging to help dad down the stairs even though it's only 1 level down. The first attempt scare the hell out of us... Dad seems to lost his balance while trying to put on his slippers and landed on his buttocks. I hope he didn't injure or strain his back.. :( We started to ponder maybe it's not a good idea to make him walk down afterall and wanted to do a housecall instead. But Dad seems abit depress and Owen decided to let him try again after a rest.

Lucky hubby was around to help him... we finally made it. At least Dad seems happier and felt more confident. The useless me perspire so much and I finally raise my white flag the next day falling sick.. I went to get a stronger flu meds and slept the whole afternoon... Praying hard that I get my strength back soon.

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