Sunday, March 22, 2009

~ In Pain ~

Have been neglecting the children lately and so Hubby and I took a day's off on Thursday to take them out. Went to visit dad and collect my passport in the morning. Manage to have a nice lunch at Sakae Sushi and then went Expo to Robinson Fair and Food Fair.. After that, I was so tired that I slept throughout the afternoon... Don't know if the kids enjoyed it but at least Denver gets to watch movie with Hubby yesterday. I hope he don't feel too left out this March holidays.

Dad started from having mild pain to severe pain on his legs by now. We tried giving him all the strong painkillers that were prescribed by the doctor. From Panadol, Arcoxia to Tramadol.. But none of them helps.. Brother and I had to call the amublance and take Dad back to TTSH.

Dad was injected with Morphine to substain the pain... he was again being admitted.. :( There wasn't enough bed and Dad has to wait at the temporary ward till late evening. This is really sad... just at the moment we thought he is improving, regaining his strength back, his pain has to come back at this time after a week being discharged.. :(

I can only pray that all is well and he can go back home soon...

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