Friday, April 03, 2009

~ Delirium ~

I have been physically and emotionally stress for the past week and was so exhausted that I simply had no time and mood for anything... Have not been keeping the kids company, not been doing housework, not been focusing at work, not been eating meals on time....

Ever since dad was re-admitted two Sundays ago, things havent been going well.. Dad went for another MRI scan and the inital diagnose was there are abscess at the spine area. Dad went for his 3rd operation within the month last Thursday. It was a very loooong operation.. We waited very long... from morning till evening. Finally get to see Dad at around 6plus in the evening.. he looked so tired and in a daze.. I thought it was the GA effect.. later did I figure something more serious were to come...

Started to hear news on Friday that Dad started to talk to himself and having funny actions unknowingly... I told Owen about this and he immediately went down to visit him that night. After observation, Dad is really behaving and acting very strangely... Despite a broken arm, Brother went down again early next morning to speak with the doctor and he says it's normal and Dad was discharged last Saturday.

But there are more to come... we try to get all the things ready for Dad.. Grabrails, bed, wheelchair, walking frame etc... Brother and I thought things will improve when Dad is home where he'll feel more comfortable and familiar with. Still, things seems to go worse..

Dad continues to have weird actions like taking his medicine out and eating them... drinking water. etc His eyes were always half or fully closed. He starts to mumble and talk to himself about stuff as though someone is actually there! He lost a lot of strength to walk too! 90% of the time he is in daze... I had to put my kids with hubby and my inlaws and stay back with my mum and brother to look after Dad.

That night was horrible! Lucky Owen was around as well... I was terrified and worried that we have to bring him to see a doctor at IMH early Sunday morning. Even when we manage to drag him to his bed and rest, he wasn't sleeping at all. Talking through the night..

All of us were in a bad state.. not enough sleep. Still we have to wake up and get ready as the ambulance came at 9am to take dad to IMH for checkup. Doctor says that he is having mild delirium and advice us to take him to A&E at TTSH to have a scan and check if there is any infection affecting the brain. Brother and I struggle for awhile on what to do next. Finally Owen decided to take dad home first to observe him for the night and if his condition didn't improve, we'll take him back to TTSH.

Later that day, we continue to observe him and it seems that he didn't have that much of the funny actions or talking to himself anymore.. This is a Good Sign! By noon, I am really exhausted... Big brother has arrived and I had some beehoon and doze off completely... Owen was also so tired that he slept on the sofa..

That night, I went back home to rest while Owen stay on for another night... I was sooooo tired that I couldn't do anything.. my whole body was aching and I am completely knock out.

Over the next few days, he improved and started to get walking with the walking frame again. The only thing is he don't want to see doctors and keep taking his 0ld medicine unnecessarily. I had to keep all his old meds... but no one can persuad him to go for the CT scan. Sighz.... I can only pray and hope and things will be better.

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