Friday, April 10, 2009

~ Relieved!! ~

It has been a terrible month of March! Finally April has come and I am seeing more light...

Dad's condition has improved.. Brother and I took him to TTSH for medical reviews and I'll be taking him again next Wednesday. Although it's tiring as we need to call the ambulance everytime, I am happy that Dad is well.

Another good news is Owen has just went through his surgery for his broken right arm on Wednesday and was discharged earlier today!! I am so delighted and really felt so relieved. Good to see him playing with his PS2 again and hope that he do not suffer too much pain in the recovery process.

I can finally have some rest and peace of mind. I have been falling sick since March and never recovered. My flu and cough has got worse and till now I am still having a bad cough, phlegm and a block nose. I didn't dare to take my medications as they will make me drowsy and unable to concentrate at work and home. So, every night, I will take them before bed and it'll make me so tired in the morning that I got to force myself to wake up.

It's Good Friday! TGIF!

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