Friday, April 10, 2009

~ Creative Learn and Play ~

Denver has been attending his Creative Learn and Play class with SKCC for awhile now. It was his last lesson 2 weeks ago and the teacher has prepared the class for a short play on stage! The only BIG BIG disappointment is Mommy was not there to see it. :( Cos I was suppose to take Dad to see the doctor and hence have to give it a miss.

Lucky Daddy took pictures and video it down. I was very delighted and happy to hear that Denver did well on stage. The play is a well known story where the chicken needs help from the animals to make a delicious dish. However, all the other animals were lazy, giving excuses and refuse to help the chicken whenever he asked them. Denver played the role of a lazy Pig and I heard that he spoke very loud and clear such that the audience from below can hear. He also looked confident on stage and I am so very PROUD of him!

Denver already started his new lessons on the continuation of the Creative Learn and Play class last Sunday. I heard from the teacher that the children will be involved in a more difficult play this time. Parents will also be asked to help the children with the props. I hope I can watch him perform on stage for the on-coming play. Looking forward to it!

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