Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~ Appointments ~

Took a day off today to bring dad to TTSH for his medical reviews. As he still didn't have strength on his legs, I do not want to risk him suffering from another injury or fall. Hence we'll call the ambulance whenever he needs to go to the doctors.

He had Physiotherapy early in the morning and was taught some basic movements to be done at home daily to help him strengthen his legs muscles. My worst fear came the moment I step out of the clinic... RAIN!! and it was a HEAVY DOWNPOUR!! Dad has another appointment at 11am with the Foot Care and Limb Centre which is opposite TTSH and there are no shelter!!! :( I only have half hour hoping that the rain will stop.... 15mins passed and it is still raining.. I figured I may have catch a Taxi instead... Luckily, 2 kind uncles ferry dad and I over to the FCL center out of good will! I am so grateful to them!

Dad finally reach on time and got his right leg fixture to assist him walking to avoid the tendacy of foot drop. The rain has stopped by then and I can wheel him back to TTSH to meet hubby who has just reached. We took Dad to have lunch at Pasta de Waraku for a change. Shop around before going back to wait for his last appointment with the ENT.

It's a very long wait... and I nearly fall asleep... Dad was tired by now and he took a short rest. We waited for an hour before it was Dad's turn to do his hearing test and see the doctor. I was glad that dad was willing to put on a hearing aid even though it's going to cost more than 1k. Scheduling him to see the doctors again next month and it will be another long day event. Glad that things are going well and hope that Dad will recover his strength and confidence again.

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