Saturday, April 18, 2009

~ Good Friday ~

Ok, Good Friday is loooong over. This is an outdated post where we brought the kids to Jurong Point to 'window' shop and eat. It is not the usual spot that we'll go due to the long distance. Since JP has expanded to JP1 and JP2, it is quite a big area to roam about.

We later had lunch at "ZHOU's KITCHEN" and I consider it kinda expensive with the limited selection spread of food. The kids however like the porridge and the desserts of course. :) I like the salmon sashimi and some of their dimsum.

We went to the John Little Sale at Singapore Expo after lunch and OMG, it was a HEAVY DOWNPOUR and there is a loooong looooong queue for payment. We gave up on purchasing any items (cos it'll take us an hour just to pay) and went to the book fair at the next Hall. We bought a Learning to Type CD which Denver wanted and then headed back home...

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