Saturday, April 25, 2009

~ Baby Ashton ~

There's a new addition to the family on 22nd April and he is Ashton Lau (刘宇轩). Big brother's first baby. Hubby and I went to visit that evening at TMC and am glad that baby is well and healthy weighing a good 3.1kg. Can't believe that I am now upgraded to Aunt Phoebe. From having my own children to now having a nephew.

Suddenly recall how I went through giving birth to Denver and Gladys. It was a painful process but an experience that I'll never forget. Given another chance, I will still go for natural delivery to bear the extreme pain to appreciate and treasure the wonderful children that I am blessed with. Considering myself a failure being a daughter, hence I don't have high expectations on my children. Being a mother, a parent is not easy... I can only do my best to love, provide and educate them.. hoping that they will grow up to lead a honest and happy life.

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