Sunday, May 24, 2009

~ Ashton's Full Month Celebration ~

Brother held Ashton's First month birthday celebration at his home. We went early to visit as hubby got to take Denver for lesson shortly. This is my 2nd time seeing the little baby boy and carrying him for the first time. It has been awhile since I carry a baby and hence I'm not so used to it. :p Babies are so small and delicate and just need to have extra love and care.

Took a picture of Ashton while he was bathing. I never took pictures of Gladys and Denver naked... and I wonder if this is something that I will miss.

Gladys was busy 'running' around and refused to let me take a nice photo of her. :S The buffet came at around 11am and we left after eating. There was a nice box of cakes to bring back too. The box is so cute that I kept it after finishing the food inside. :)

Happy First Month Ashton!

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