Thursday, May 21, 2009

~ Meet the Teacher again! ~

Today will be the final Parents-Teacher meeting session with Denver. How times flies... Denver will be in Primary 1 next year.

Early this morning, we brought Gladys along to school too so that she is familiar with the environment. She will be in Nursery next year as well. I cannot imagine how busy we will be bringing the children to their new school separately.

Anyway, I was kinda thinking what Denver's teachers will comment about him. Yesterday I had a look at his report card and here's what was written. "Denver has been consistent with his work. He will make further progress if he is more attentive in class".

When Mrs Singh, Denver's English teacher spoke to us, she was full of praise of him. Denver is good with his work. Reads and writes well. He has good manners and loves to read books. The only bad point is not keeping his things after completing his work. :p But he is ready for P1. :) I am surely relief and glad to hear that.

While waiting for our turn to speak with his Chinese teacher, Denver and his good friend Emmanuel is playing. :) They have been buddies in class but very soon they'll be going to a different school. So I took a photo of them together.

The first comment when Mrs Liang (Chinese teacher) spoke to me is "Denver's pronounciation is not clear. Especially the sounds 'Te', 'De'. Need to read and speak more". Well, that's a tricky cos Denver don't really have an interest with Chinese. I was told that the school will not be teaching Hanyu Pinyin and she suggested us to send Denver for lessons on it at the Community Center. (Which we already did and his CC's teacher will start teaching them in another month or so). I guess it's not wise to teach them too early as it will cause confusion to the child. Plus, it's always best to learn to recognise words first than depending on Hanyu Pinyin.

I think Denver did well in his early years and hopefully he'll continue to be happy when he goes to Primary School. Hope Mommy will not be too stressing to take his smile away.

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