Wednesday, May 20, 2009

~ Random Photo shots of Gladys ~

Gladys at Kiddy Palace @ Compass Point trying out the various cool glasses. She loves Pink and she is also picky with which one looks nicer.. After trying out almost all those on the racks, she finally chose this as her favourite. Does it looks nice on her? :)

Gladys eating ice-cream at the staircase and she was enjoying every bit of it.It was evening time and hence the lighting was poor. Furthermore, I used my Blackberry to take her pictures and so it wasn't clear.

Gladys carrying a balloon which Denver got from school. It was a birthday gift from his classmate. Apart from goodie bag, parents are getting so innovative with presents. Gladys love the balloon and keep hugging it around the house. :p

Random shots of Gladys at Compass Point! I like the colours of the backdrop wall and how it blends in with Gladys. Very Bright and Cheerful look. If you notice, Gladys got a lot more facial expression compared to her brother. :)

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