Sunday, May 17, 2009

~ Handicraft - Mask ~

We went to KFC for dinner and bought Chicky meal for Denver. It came with a Mask Set and since hubby was out to work that night, the children and I stayed back home to colour and fit up the masks.

There are total 6 of them.. Denver coloured the Tiger while Gladys tried to do her part on the Elephant using Marker Pens.. It was kinda messy but Mummy is there to help them. :p Gladys was bored colouring the Elephant grey.. and wants to colour her Elephant Purple instead.. I tired to convince her saying it don't look too nice in purple. Anyway.. she still coloured purple on the ears and so I helped to touch up. Gladys likes her Elephant mask and keep laughing away. :)

I LOVE Denver's Tiger Mask Best! He happens to wear an orange stripped polo tee and it fits his mask So Much! With a bit of action, Denver really looks like a TIGER! COOL huh!

 After doing up the 2 masks, I continued with a Chicky mask. Gladys look cute in it.. and she squat down like a chick. :p Denver pretend to be Tiger and Roar at her.. scaring her out of the room and ran to me.. hahhahaha..

I stayed up to finish the rest of the masks.. But Denver only wants to put up his Tiger Mask and not keen on the rest.. :( So I put on the Lion Mask instead. :p Here's Mummy Lion! :D

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