Sunday, May 31, 2009

~ Diaper Free Training ~

Sunday afternoons are always the time I get to have a nice nap. It's Summer time and the weather is HOT! The children are so used to the air-condition that it has become a usual routing to have it on for at least half hour.

We woke up slightly earlier and went to the Food Fair at Expo... and it is CROWDED! (expected). There sure are many hungry souls out there busy sampling and buying food... the kids love to go round grabbing free drinks, snacks and of course get us to buy food. :) We spent about $70 there and hubby's hands are full carrying all the stuff while I carried Gladys all the way! It's just too dangerous for my girl who is so short to squeeze within the busy crowd! There bound to be things that is going to hit her. I wonder how parents manage to get through with their child on the strollers!

Anyway, my true test of patience arrived tonight. Gladys decided that she do not want to put on diapers anymore. Which is GOOD! The downside however is there will be many many sleepless and disturbing nights moving forward. I hope she can get through this before hubby flies off to Manila to work. He is expected to be away for many weeks and probably till November. :( Sigh, now I got more things to worry.

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