Monday, June 01, 2009

~ Monsters VS Aliens ~

Big Brother in law is coming back from U.S today. Hubby went to the airport to pick him and so I took a half day leave today to pick Denver back from his Baking class at SKCC.

Denver loves his baking lesson and he let me try the cookies that he make in class. So Sweet :) We had lunch together at Compass Point and Hubby came to meet us after sending my bil back home. Gladys did not tag along as we are planning to watch a movie and it will be difficult to manage her.

We watched Monsters Vs Aliens at GV Bishan and it was really enjoyable. Denver ate a lot of Pop Corns and likes the show very much.

We went back to bil's place for dinner after the movie and was in for many many presents! Bil brought so many stuff back. I got my first branded bag in my entire life... A coach bag. Denver and Gladys got new shirt/dresses, cap, shoe, hair clips, wallets. Hubby got a Timex watch. Bil shared his experience over there and says it's not very expensive. The Crocs sandals for example is only $5 USD! But I'm sure the Coach bag although cheaper in the US is still pricey. Hope I can take care of the bag and put to good use.

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