Friday, May 01, 2009

~ Downtown East ~

Yesterday's lunch was spaghetti with pre-made instant carbonara sauce as I wanted to finish up the left over ingredients. Didn't went to buy new food at NTUC and so I'm re-using what's left in the fridge.

After work, Hubby and I took the kids to Downtown East to enjoy the last day promotion offer - Fun+Meal deal. (i.e. 1 Free kiddy/Ferris wheel ride + dine at selected eatery + 1 play of your choice at $15). We bought 2 tickets at $30 and here's what we got.

1) Hubby took Gladys on a Ferris Wheel ride

2) One BK meal + drink and Subway Tuna Melt + Drinks

3) $20 worth of XZone arcade top up.

Quite worth it! We paid an extra $6 to let the kids enjoy the kiddy train ride though as Gladys keep saying she wants to sit on it. Later, we went to the arcade and spent more than $10 there.. Ah well...

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