Sunday, May 03, 2009

~ Labour Day - Long Weekend ~

It is a long weekend due to the Labour Day holiday on Friday and I am enjoying it :). We went to the Metro Expo Sale on Labour Day and I got 2 pairs of crocs shoes again at $45. hehehe

On Saturday, we took the kids to swimming as usual.. I wonder if it's due to the holiday or H1N1 Flu Influenza, there seems to be less people. When we enter the gate, all visitors need to register their names. Denver went straight ahead with his lesson while Gladys has to wait half hour later before she can go to the pool.. (cos it will be too long for her to stay in the water for the full hour).

Gladys simply cannot sit still... she walked about, 'disturb' her daddy who is busy looking at the papers and finally got frastrated having to wait soooo long and cried. :p hahaha.. Well, she eventually got to hit the waters. Denver and Gladys had fun at the pool. :)

In the evening, hubby brought my mil and family to Xin Wang HongKong Cafe @ Kovan for dinner in celebration of Mother's Day. Urmm.. I think they didn't really fancy the food but it's definitely something different. Earlier, I also bought Gladys a new Fishing Game toy.. and the siblings keep 'fishing' at home. I wonder how long the toy will last.

On Sunday, I went to Owen's house where hubby helps to fix up the router. Then, we visit my parents and had lunch. Mother's Day is around the corner and I still don't know what to get for Mum... hmmm.. We travelled back home for a nap and woke up rather early (2 plus in the afternoon).. so we decided to go Marina to collect my Zingrill membership card and walk around in Suntec. Has been searching around for a toy crocodile for Gladys as she is getting out of hand. She is quite scare of it and will try to behave more. We went to Toys R Us and manage to find a small one... well.. it works for awhile... urmm...but she somehow seems to get over it eventually..urghhh.. back to the cane.

Sunday evening is a night out at NTUC Xtra and looking around for FOOD! :p They are selling Electric ovens at around $70 and I am wondering if I should get one.. Really tempted to buy and try start baking cakes... hmmmm

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