Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~ Drawings - Random Theme ~

The kids and I did some drawings today... We were back home early and they want entertainment. So each of us was given a sheet of paper.. Denver and Gladys did 2 pictures while Mommy who spent more time on a prettier one. :)

Denver's Drawing - Robot Family and Rainy Day
Gladys' Drawing - Lines scribbling

Mommy's Drawing - Animals

Gladys' drawings are colourful with a lot of lines. You'll need imagination to understand what she has drawn. Gladys loves rainbow and hence she tends to use more colours. (unlike her brother who only pick green when he was younger :p). On her first drawing, she uses different colours to draw the lines to make her Rainbow. On the 2nd drawing, she initially started drawing a Volcano on the right and making it very colourful.. then seeing Mommy drawing a Lion on my picture, she follows suit and tries to draw her on Lion (on the left). :) Cute huh. Kids really have their own imagination. The final attraction after completing the drawings are to stick them out for display on the wall in the kids' room! :D

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