Friday, May 08, 2009

~ Ribena Marble No Bake Cheesecake ~

Happen to see this receipe from Happy Home Baking's website a couple of days ago and it looks really interesting! I have most of the ingredients left from my last attempt with the Oreo Cheesecake except for Ribena. So, Hubby bought 1 bottle back for me to try this out at home.

I waited for the kids to sleep before starting. *It will be really stressing if they are around. :p The base of the cake is really easy for me to do now.. the only tricky part is the filling. I followed the measurements and my heart started to sink seeing the cheese filling kinda watery.. (even after adding the Gelatine mixture). I went ahead and spilt the fillings into 2 portions. The other half of it got even worse after I added in the Ribena. Completely WATERY! :( Argghhh.. feel like throwing the whole product away.. but it'll be a waste of food. So I continued and put the cake in the fridge overnight.

Here's how it looked this morning.. urmmmm.. the marbling is Disastrous.

I went to cut the cake and it looked better. :p As for the taste.... hmm.. not v ribena cos the flavour of the cheese overcome it. There was suppose to be a Ribena Jelly layer on top but I did not do it because I was too disappointed with the results last night. It should taste more Ribena if I have added it. Ah well... I wonder what went wrong.. hmmm

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