Saturday, May 09, 2009

~ Reflecting on Vesak Day ~

Denver being in a catholic nursery school has been singing a lot of songs about Jesus which he learnt from his teacher. We, as his parents however are non-chirstians nor catholics. Even his grandparents and cousins aren't. We prayed to various deities and Chinese gods instead. Hence, it takes an extra effort to explain to him about the various religions.. what are they and the various gods each believes in. In addition, showing respect to each religion.

Today is Vesak Day and I told him that Buddha took a difficult and long path to attain enlightenment. One of the story which I remembered was the Buddha cutting of his own flesh to feed the hungry eagle and also saving the dove. Denver was amazed and wondered how can someone cut his own meat for an animal..He showed his interest and asked me to find out more stories to read to him. Thanks to Google.. I managed to find some simple stories online as his bedtime story for today. Denver listened and seems to be pondering.. I guess it might be a bit too hard for him to understand. But it's a good start and exposure and letting him understand and learn to be kind and good. :)

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