Sunday, May 10, 2009

~ Happy Mother's Day! ~

Today is just like another day.. We had breakfast at McDonalds and Hubby took Denver for his lesson at the CC. Gladys and I spent some time roaming around Compass Point. We went to Cold Storage, Metro and eventually bought some books at Popular. Gladys has been asking for "Homework" to do.."馨平要做功课了。" That's what she has been saying since yesterday out of a sudden.. Maybe she sees her brother doing homework and thought it's fun.. :p

Afternoon was a trip down to Yishun to attend Hubby's colleague's baby full month celebration. It was a HOT afternoon and the first thing I did once I reached home is switched on the aircon and have a nice cooling nap. SHIOK!

We stayed home for the rest of the day as Sil, Jasper and Royston are coming over to play. I let them try my Ribena cheesecake and Jasper and Royston shows immediate signs of dislike. Hahahah.. Sil said it was sour. I guess only my kids and hubby show me face. :p

Not looking forward to the coming week as it will be BUSY! I am on Primary over the next weekend, there is a DR exercise scheduled on Tues and Weds and 3 night teleconferences to attend which will stretched through the late nights. :(

While some will still be enjoying the holiday on Monday, I will be working from home tomorrow. It will be a holiday for Denver too... but I think that I better save up my precious leave to take Dad for his hospital appointment end of this month instead.

Not sure if I am feeling happy or sad... but one thing for sure is I am glad that Denver and Gladys are healthy and by my side.

Happy Mommy's Day!

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