Monday, January 25, 2010

~ CNY 2010 Decorations ~

Chinese New Year is just about 3 weeks away and over the past weekends, we have been shopping around for CNY Decorations for our home. I particularly enjoy browsing at those stalls and looking at all the different types of Bright Red and Gold Decos. There are so many to choose from!! Lanterns, Flowers, Angpows, Paper Decos, Lights...... Just looking at them makes me happy! ^_^

Since the Year of Tiger is approaching, there are many different types of tiger/tigeress designs. I had a hard time picking as most of them seem to look like a mouse or cat rather than a Tiger! This year, the children get to pick their favourite for their room and Hubby and I will always buy a “财神爷" every year without fail. This is meant to symbolise abundance of wealth!

We finally bought most of our decos from a stall at Kovan as it's so much cheaper to get them from the neighbourhood compared to those selling in Chinatown. One of the deco which we saw in Chinatown is $4 more expensive compared to the same one selling in our neighbourhood!!

I finally completed putting up all our Decorations that we bought in our home. ^_^ Mostly in the living room and some in the children's room. We also have decos outside the common area. Hahaha.. My neighbours all knew we will put up a few on the walls to build up the CNY mood. Many appreciate my effort and said it really look very nice. (For those decos outside, I generally put up those that was left over from the previous year.)

We are almost set to celebrate Chinese New Year! Mommy will need to work harder in the next few weeks on Spring Cleaning!! (with a bit of Daddy's help of course!)

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