Tuesday, January 26, 2010

~ Falling Ill ~

A lot of people seem to be falling sick lately. Started with Royston having fever and vomitting and it pass on to Jasper the following day last week. Mil has also caught the virus last friday and had an injection while Bsil has been coughing for ages. Even the 3 year old child whom my inlaws help to babysit also has been feeling ill till now.

That is what will happen when one falls sick in a big family. Our family is just like a mini-childcare center and virus tend to spread and pass on from one to the other. Now Gladys also seems to catch the virus and started with constipation for 3 days! She finally poo today after feeding her with yogurt and some meds to loosen her tools... However, she also started vomitting since yesterday. I just cleared a big pool of vomit awhile ago when she caught me off guard and puke a big mess on me and herself. Haiz.....

Apart from that, Dad has been experiencing pain on his left knee. I took him to TTSH for his periodic spine review and it was not too satisfactory also. However, we are more concern with his leg's condition and there is a possibility that Dad will need to go through an operation. Brother Owen will be taking him to see the Doctor again this Thursday and hopefully things would not be too bad.

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