Monday, February 15, 2010

~ 大年初二 2010 ~

Day 2 continues... The advantage of having a daughter is dressing her up! ^_^She looks so pretty in a dress and makes mommy feels so proud!

Today's schedule is not so hectic as we first headed off to 城隍庙 for prayers. Based on 3rd Uncle's advice, each of us have a different diety to pray to for a safe and good year ahead.
Many more visiting to go after prayers and it was another round of 吃吃喝喝.

Hubby had mahjong session in the afternoon and 小叔 and family came over to visit too. ^_^
In the evening, we went over to Steven's house for dinner and Denver & Gladys kept themselves occupied playing with the other children. They soon make friends and this allows Daddy and Mommy has some fun of our own too. (Poker game - No Win No Lose) hahahhaha.

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